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The odd outcome

Last Saturday (09/19) I attended the first IBJJF tournament since COVID outbreak. I trained really hard during the pandemic, and I dropped from 222 lbs to 204 lbs with the help of my nutricionist Greg McCoy. The intention was to also get back to bodybuilding stage by end of 2020. But before, I wanted to compete in BJJ again, since my last competition was in March, at the IBJJF Houston Open, where I won.  Coincidentally , my opponent in Austin was the same that I competed in Houston, but although the opponent was the same, I never underestimated that the outcome could be different, I just didn't realize it would be so drastic.  We bow to each other, wrist bump and started the fight. It felt deja-vu, since we went to exactly same grips and same initial movements. Some attempts to grab my leg, just like in the initial fight, and some attempts from my side to break his balance and go for tai otoshi. After 1 minute and 36 seconds, I was trying to attack in a tai otoshi position, but my