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Get comfortable being uncomfortable

Today we are starting another Destination Challenge , and again I will hit the same key tip: your mind is going to play the biggest role in this game of change. You usually don’t get really physically tired, because your mind will give up first, and your body will just obey what your mind tells him to do. The book “ How Bad Do You Want ”, brings a lot of scientifically examples that your mind is in control of your physical performance. Even athletes that are in a better physical shape, can be defeated for the ones that are in a much better mental state to support the pressure. Here one important paragraph from this book : “The British neuroscientist Vincent Walsh has even suggested that sports competition is the single most challenging thing the human brain ever does—more challenging even than “purely” mental tasks like solving differential equations and also more challenging to the brain than it is to the body.” If you want to get a bit inspiration this week, watch 4 minute

Loose skin after losing weight

This is a question that I receive a lot: hey Yuri, did you do any surgery to remove loose skin? I didn’t, but I can tell you that it was (matter of fact, it still is) an ongoing process. Let’s take a look from the beginning of the transformation (2011) to the first show (Adela Garcia 2014): You may say: hey Yuri, that looks pretty good, the skin snapped back! Not completely, take a closer look in 2014 and 2015: See? Main problem is around the belly button, not to mention that the belly button itself will never (unless I do a surgery) look rounded as it used to. After more than a decade of obesity and accumulation of fat on that area, it is very, very hard to have your skin back to normal. It is improving, and you can see that in 2016: But beyond my own experience in this struggle, what the doctors say? Well, here it is a very good explanation from a Doctor: “Your skin's ability to contract and bounce back after losing weight depends on various factors suc

Do you need some help to change?

Since January 2016 I've been working with Destination Dallas Texas Gym on their Destination Transformation Challenge program . The great thing about this program is that we are not trying to sell you anything, is not about pushing supplements to you and promising miracle results, is not about telling you that "this shake" will change your life, or anything even close to that. Is about telling you that YOU have all the tools to change, is about educating you on how to change and most importantly, how to incorporate these changes after the challenge is over. There are many benefits of having a group of people working together to achieve a common goal, read this article where I talk about this with more details. Watch the video below with some testimonies and also with some background info about this challenge: Cool right? Yes, I just wish I had something like that when I decided to change. The good news for you is: we are starting Transformation Challenge 5 this mon

Transformation Tuesday

Since it is Tuesday and we have this fitness trend called #TransformationTuesday - I would like to share this video that talks a little bit about my transformation process. The main message here is: we all can make changes to improve our health. It took me a long time to realize that and I regret not starting earlier, but things happen for a reason and I'm happy that at least I woke up on time to change. Stay safe and keep moving forward! @ydiogenes  

Enjoy your own journey and respect someone else's struggles

I think the best way to start this blog is by saying that I proudly never, ever publicly diminished someones's attempt to improve their physicality or skills. I come from a family of educators, my Father was Professor and my Mom was a middle school Teacher, respect is something that I grew up appreciating, and it always shocks me when I see people taking their time to criticize others that they don't even know. Unfortunately in the fitness industry this seems to be an ongoing trend among the ones that start to see some "gains" on their own physique. The other day I read this very nice post called " Are you a fitness bully? ", and boy how I see this type of people a lot, mainly online. People that don't know you, but will judge you by one picture, one video or just because they think they are so special that they can comment their hateful words on your page. It is just ridiculous! 100% of these people will never, ever walk to someone in the gym (someone